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December 15, 2019 
Feature Car Archive - November 2005
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Anonymous Owner (?, ?)
1995 Z26 - 3.4L SFI (Automatic)
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This month's feature car is owned by an anonymous owner. This Z26 was purchased in June of 2004 as a bone stock, one owner car. This owner's Z26 has seen a lot of changes over the last 18 months.

The mods started off small, audio work, and underbody lighting. These mods were soon followed up by an RSM intake, and a muffler. But the power bug soon brought the revived owner into a whole new world. His Z26 saw a 3400 swap in the winter of 2004, followed up with a Tranzgenic intake, and 2.5" exhaust. With the power now sitting good, hedecided to spice up the inside.

The interior of features carbon fiber trim, the full line of Speedhut's indiglo pieces, and some quality hardware in the form of Ichibahn pedals, and a Tenzo R steering wheel. For the audio it also sports a full line of Alpine products wired up with Stinger equipment. An unfortunate turn in spring of '05 saw the exterior of this Z26 get a chance to be spiced up. The owner picked up a Kobel Predator body kit to replace the Z26 pieces.

This Z has seen a lot of action in the past 16 months, and we give the owner two thumbs up! Congratulations on being November's feature car.
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