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July 16, 2024 

Installing Aftermarket 6x9" Speakers
Last Updated: June 22, 2003

Chances are, if you still have stock speakers in your Beretta they are starting to sound, well, a little below par. A good place to start building a great sounding stereo, other than the head unit, are your 6x9" speakers. They are located below your back window in the decklid.

The process for installing 6x9"s differs from the 87 - 91 years, and the 92 - 96. While these aren't the years that Chevy made the interior change, these are the years with similar speaker installations.

Tools for job (87 - 91) - wire strippers/cutters (92 - 96) - 13mm socket, short extension, ratchet, Torx Head Socket, Phillips Head screw driver, wire strippers/cutters. Wire strippers/cutters aren't totally necessary for either install type, I've cut wire with knives of all sorts, and stripped wires with lighters before. Its not a high tech operation.

If you have the 87 - 91 model you are lucky, changing your 6x9"s is a process where the hardest part is snaking into your trunk. Under your speakers you have metal rods that hold your speakers in place, a simple push up and move over motion and these rods will drop down leaving your speakers to exit freely. Replacing the speakers follows the same process.

Total Time : 30 minutes

92 - 96 owners, your process is going to take awhile. It starts with removal of the back seat; there are two bolts under the front of the bottom of the seat, remove these and the seat bottom should come out easily. The back of the seat is a bit more challenging because the bolts are Torx head, for these you will need a special Torx socket, be careful, the bolt heads will want to strip out. With these bolts removed lift upwards on the seat back and it should come off of its hooks and ready to go. Next you have to remove the side trim that goes back and up onto the rear deck. This is held on with clips, to get to some of them you will have to remove the carpeted panel of the trim. Once these are off the rear deck is free to come up, and reveal the screws holding your factory speakers in. From here you can put your aftermarket ones in and start the rebuilding process.

Total Time : 60 - 90 Minutes.

contributed by: Kurt