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July 16, 2024 

60 Degree V6 Performance FAQ
Last Updated: June 23, 2003

I know lots of you have questions about how to add power to your 60 degree v6 and by coming here you have come to the right place. This is just going to be one broad general list of mods for both engines, because of they're similarities if it applies to one engine it usually applies to the other.

Easy Bolt Ons

· Good Intake - Mantapart, RSM Racing, J-Body Performance, or you can have a piece of 3" pipe bent at a local muffler shop then put a K&N cone on the end of it, or you can buy a small piece of pipe and a cone filter and put it right on the end of your stock intake after removing the airbox. You can also go with a direct replacement K&N which will get you some power but not as much as a cone or complete intake.

· High Flowing Exhaust - 2.25" Mandrel or Press Bent Pipe (Mandrel is better, but Press Bent works fine) from the exhaust manifold back to a High Flow Catalytic Converter (if your state has inspections), keep the 2.25" back to a Performance Muffler. You could also go 2.5" for higher power applications, or with a Y pipe after the cat for simulated duals, or go with a straight pipe.

· Performance Chip - This one might as well be taboo. Hypertech, FastChips, SuperChips, JetChip, are all chipmakers for our v6 engines, but, they aren't good chips. If all you want is to remove the speed limiter then go with one of theirs. But if you want power, programmable options, and no speed limiter go with Fast Forward Performance's chip.

· Underdrive Pulleys - these will free up a few high end horsepower and help out in acceleration. You can get a set of these at mantapart, and also a crank pulley from Fast Forward Performance

· 56 mm or Larger Throttle Body - This is a good mod if you have other mods to require it. Mantapart, RSM Racing, Street Arsenal, American Performance of Colorado.

Performance Oriented, Higher Difficulty Mods

· Cam Shaft - this is one of the best power builders that you can do for one of these engines, they are made by a variety of people. Lunati, Crane, Mantapart makes a re-grind. Currently there is only a regrind offered for the 3rd generation engines.

· Intake Manifold and Heads - Here you have a couple of choices, you can choose to have your current ones ported and polished, or you can upgrade to the intake manifold and heads off of a Gen 3 3100, or 3400 engine. Caution: if you have the 3t40 in your Beretta you should avoid a top end swap as the 3t40 requres a kick down which the 3rd gen throttle bodies do not have.

· Exhaust Manifold - Right now the only thing out is the Mantapart Low Restriction Manifold. S&S, and TOG currently offer headers for the 3400, these will also fit 3100 engines, but clearance is an issue with these. If you are to buy a set an experienced exhaust shop may be able to customize them to clear the firewall.

· Higher Compression Pistons, Forged Connecting Rods, Forged Pushrods, Forged Balanced Crank - All of these will give the ability to add big time power makers by adding to the bottom end strength of your engine. If you do all of these running a 100 shot of Nitrous shouldn't be a problem. Neither would a Turbo from an Older Pontiac or Saab if you can find one and all of the hardware.

Big Power Makers, expert only

· Nitrous Oxide - You can safely do a 50 shot on a stock engine, but if you want to do more you should invest in some of the stuff I mentioned above. Also get some new spark plugs, nothing platinum though.

· Forced Induction, Artificial Aspiration, Turbo or Supercharger - These will require a lot of mods, there was a Turbo Pontiac TGP that was on a 3.1. If you can find one of these get everything from it you can. Mainly computer stuff, the turbo itself(duh), and especially the exhaust manifolds. RSM Racing also offers a supercharger that will fit our cars, but with a hefty $4400 price tag it may be better to look into custom fabrication.

· Engine Swap - A lot of people lately have been swapping out there 2.8s and 3.1s in favor of 3400s and 3800s. This is the biggest mod engine wise you can do. I don't have a whole lot of info on this, but I do know some guys with Supercharged 3800s are running in the low 14's in the quarter mile, with the proper tuning and good traction these cars will run well into the 13's and possibly high 12's someday. But I wouldn't recommend this mod to anyone that doesn't have a deep pocket and atleast a friend who is an amazing mechanic. This one isn't for the average shadetree mechanic.

There are a lot more mods you can do to these engines, for a good list of Mods and Performance myths go to 60 Degree V6 and for another big list of mods for the 2.8/3.1 go to Mantapart , RSM Racing, Fast Forward Performance, and Street Arsenal - who deals mostly with the 3100. I highly recommend 60 Degree V6, its a no b.s. site with great info.

contributed by: Kurt