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July 16, 2024 

Strut Tower Brace
Last Updated: November 30, 2004

This is quite possibly the best suspension mod for the pirce and ease of installation. A strut tower brace from any 92 - 94 Cavalier Z24 will fit any 87 - 96 Beretta. If you have firewall covers you will need to either remove or modify your covers. As previously noted these are found on all 92 - 94 Z24 Cavaliers, they are also still sold new from GM, the part number is 22576687, it will be under $40 from your local GM dealership, or you can get one from a junkyard for $20 or less.

Tools for the job: ratchet, 13mm socket

Step 1: Start by taking off the back 4 bolts off of your strut towers, they are the 4 located on the firewall side of the strut towers. You will need your 13mm socket and ratchet, they should come off easy as they don't require much torque.

Step 2: Now get your strut tower brace and test fit it, more than likely you will have to unclip the large piece of wire loom from your heater box. After this it should fit fine.

Step 3: Reinstall your 4 bolts, torque them to 18ft lbs.

Total install time shouldn't take anyone more than 10 minutes, and the total cost won't be more than $40. Your car will feel much more stiff up front during cornering. It's well worth it for any Beretta.

contributed by: Kurt Workman