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July 16, 2024 

Retained Accessory Power (Radio Stays On Until Door Opens)
Last Updated: November 28, 2006

Retained accessory power is when you turn the key off, and the radio stays on until you open a door. This can be great for ejecting a cd, or to rock to the last minute of that song on the radio. I did this on a 1994 Beretta but it should be similar for other models as well. I drew up a diagram to show how to hook this up.

Parts needed:
Two relays
Misc. connectors

Now if you follow the diagram the (-) door trigger can go on the negative side of the interior lights. On my 94 I ran into a problem, when you turn the key off and take it out of the ignition, the lights would come on. This kind of defeats the purpose of the mod but I found a way around it. The convenience center is located under the dash near the fuse block. Find the wires Green/Yellow for the driver side and the Light Blue for the passenger side, use those wires for the negative trigger.

Retained Power Diagram

Diagram adapted from contributor's original for use on assumes no liability or responsibilty for what you do to your own car. Go into the job knowing what you are doing before you get started, and most importantly, be careful.

contributed by: Rodville