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July 16, 2024 

Fuel Pump Upgrade for 87-93 Cars
Last Updated: October 21, 2010

Disclaimer: will not be held responsible for damage to property due to improper installation.

If you're into modifying your car there may be an eventual point where you need to upgrade your fuel pump to satisfy the demand of a big power adder such as a turbo, supercharger, nitrous or a built engine. Even if you're not, there may come a day when you need to replace your fuel pump because of mechanical failure - so why not put an upgraded pump in your tank while your doing the work?

The pump I'm discussing is from a 1989 Pontiac Firebird GTA SE model with a 3.8 turbocharged v6. These cars and engines ran 6 injections on sequential fuel injection, and had a lot of head room to make big power. You may be familiar with this engine from the famous Buick Grand National.

With that being said - this pump is the perfect swap for the 87-93 Berettas, (it may work for later models as well but I have not personally verified this.) It is an exact factory fit, plug and play wiring - and accepts your stock fuel pump strainer to insure proper placement in the tank and fuel pick up. Delphi makes the best option for these pumps, with part number FE0110 coming in at around $100.

So whether you're trying to make 300 horsepower, or just replace a bad unit - this upgraded fuel pump will satisfy your needs. On stock vehicles no tuning adjustments are required as your stock fuel pressure regulator will keep everything happy. On modified vehicles - tuning and and such will really allow this pump to stretch its legs and feed your beast.

contributed by: Kurt Workman