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July 16, 2024 
News Archive

July 2003

More Member Additions

BerettaSpeed would like to welcome members #32 and 33, check them out!

Byron, IL Minifest: August 2nd

A few of us are planning a mini-fest on Saturday, August 2nd at the Byron Dragway in Byron, IL. We will be grilling up some food at the track and drag racing as well. If you're within a reasonable distance you should plan to come, even if you don't plan on racing. It'll be a fun way to meet new people or to catch up on things with people you already know. We're planning on meeting at the track at 11 AM.

For information on the location of the track or admission costs, check out the track's website here. Hope to see you there!

Members Database Updates

I've add a few more entries to the database and updated some of the others with new or additional. Be sure to check them out and if you're not a member already, take the time to submit your car to the database.

July's Feature Car

After some procrastination the Feature Car for July is finally up. Congratulations Aaron Choate, you have definately earned all the recognition you have and will receive. Click here to view July's feature car.

New Members Added

Just finished up adding the latest batch of member submissions to the database. There are 4 new entries for you to check out, enjoy!

BerettaFest 2003 Pictures

BerettaFest 2003 has come and gone, but was lots of fun! I've posted what pictures that didn't get corrupted on my compact flash card from my digital camera here. Coming soon I might make it in a gallery-type format, complete with captions. Enjoy!