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July 16, 2024 
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April 2008

We're Still Alive!

Okay, a few things to post about and get all you loyal visitors up to speed on where we're at and where we're going. First things first, I apologize for the lack of updates, but I'm graduating from college this year and it's been non-stop responsibilities and commitments that haven't really allowed for a decent update of the site, which I'd rather do than just really small/minor ones.

Secondly, the forums will be returning someday soon, but again, haven't had the time to look into a new forum software and worry about converting everything over. The old database is still up for reference, but (as you may have found out), registration is closed and no new posts can be made.

Thirdly, this site will undergo a few more changes/enhancements during the next update (which should happen once this semester is over) -- I think we're going to shift the site into more of a reference/enthusiast/how-to build up your L-body instead of being a 'catch-all' try and do everything site with a members database and feature car and what not. I'd still like to incorporate these features, but probably to a lesser degree than it is now. I just don't see a point in having a members registry that was more popular two years ago than it is now. Besides that, Motortopia and other similar sites have filled the gap in this area and allow for users to make immediate changes to their profiles. While I would have liked to incorporate this feature into the current site, I have always liked hand-editing and picking out registrations to keep things in sync, validate information, and just make sure things are all uniform with the rest of the database.

Lastly, I've been taking a break from the alternative Beretta community (aka because of certain peoples' behaviors and instead have been hard at work behind-the-scenes on my '91 base turbo project I've been planning and researching for awhile. That being said, I think another new feature of the site will be a blog/article section where I'll post updates and the progress of the project (since it isn't documented and pretty unique for a Beretta). An update/teaser of the project should be posted pretty soon actually since I'm pretty excited about the proximity of its completion. KFLO's also working on his 93 GT's 3400/5-speed swap when he gets the time which should be a monster when completed. That's also something else which you may see progressive updates on.

So, in short, we're still alive, but about to awake from a nice little hiatus. Thanks to all who still support the site!